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Providing Professional Software Solutions
At Courtware Solutions, Inc., we believe that software without proper training, support, maintenance and upgrades, is just software. We provide all of these services in an exceptional software package creating a solution that exactly meets your business needs. 

As the needs of your business or court change, so should your software. 
Technical support and upgrades for all of our products are FREE! 


Serving Georgia Courts for More Than 13 Years
Our Development Team has more than 18 powerful years in court programming experience.  Because of the talent and commitment of our team, we have created a following of Georgia courts more than 200 strong. With the best Support Team in the industry, we have created 'raving fans' of our customers.  Our customers' satisfaction is always our top priority.

Leading the Industry With Great Support  (It's FREE)
Over the years, we have developed a customer support system that is second to none.  Our Support Agents are highly trained and committed to excellence in service delivery.  Our goal is always to achieve 'first call resolution' should you have an issue.  We keep our Developers accessible to assist if needed and to receive feedback on the functionality of our solutions.

We offer an on-demand Live Help service which allows us to connect with our customers via remote screenshare.  This allows us to provide you with direct support on a moment's notice.

Affordably Priced Software Solutions 
The pricing model of our software solutions is one of the things our clients like the most about us.  We offer pricing that creatively provides a NO COST solution to your city.  This  means no money out of your organization's budget, and no cost to your law-abiding citizens!
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