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 NEW!  CloudCopTM Mobile RMS

Powerful MOBILE Law Enforcement Software with Aircard Sync, Lets Your Officers Work & Sync from Anywhere.
Our CloudCop TM Mobile RMS Desktop allows your officers to work and sync from ANYWHERE.  Whether you need to enter an Incident, Accident, Family Violence, Juvenile Complaint or Arrest and Booking Report, CloudCop TM makes your job EASY.  The user interface is super-easy to use and requires very little training.  A night vision color scheme emits less light during in-car reporting which keeps  your officers safer at night.  Agency chat and messaging features keep your officers connected in the field.  Our Daily Activity Report (DAR) and Task Assignments features helps you track, manage and stimulate your team's productivity.  GPS tracking will help you know where your team is at all times.

Our Professional User Interface is Super-Easy to Navigate. Now Viewing our Police Records Management Software Screenshot
No Money Upfront & No Money Out of Budget
We are very proud to offer a business model that perfectly meets the needs of small and medium sized Agencies.  Your Agency can get ALL of our software and services including Police Records Management, Court Management and Online Fine Payments all, with no money upfront and no money out of your budget.  We currently serve more than 200 courts and more than 125 police departments in the state of Georgia. 

FREE Training, Support & Upgrades
As our customer, you will enjoy free product training by our professional staff, free industry leading technical support and free software upgrades.  Our commitment to ongoing development of our software products, ensures that your agency will always have the latest and greatest software.  We typically provide upgrades on a monthly basis, which again, you will receive FREE.

The Bottom Line:

Our software is simple,  powerful, and fully-mobile.  We do more of the work for you, so you don't have to.  You'll never pay for training, support or upgrades.  If you should ever need help, our industry-leading support will AMAZE you.   And, this software won't cost your law abiding citizens a dime!  When you get COURTWARE, you're getting the BEST.  It just makes sense.

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Georgia Police Software Industry Leading FREE Technical Support

Current Version Available
The Server Edition RMS Management software version that is currently available is: v 5.18.01

Click here for upgrade information

Full RMS Preview Video
In addition to the CloudCopTM Mobile Desktop, we offer a FULL RMS Server edition.  Take just a quick moment to view our RMS software sneak preview video.  
CloudCop Software Mobile 
RMS PDF Brochure
Below is a link to a sharable PDF document that provides and overview and highlights of the RMS Police Software.   


FREE Software Demo
We would love to connect with you online and give you and your team a personal guided tour of the 
TM system it's many features.  You can view the demo from the comfort of your office at a time that is convenient for you.   

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FULL RMS Software Features:
  • Incident Reports
  • Accident Reports
  • Family Violence Reports
  • Arrest & Booking
  • DUI Reports
  • Use of Force Reports
  • Miscellaneous Reports
  • Supplemental Narratives
  • Dispatch Log
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Universal Search
  • UCR Reporting & Crosstabs
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Built-in Security Levels
  • And Much More!
Request More Information
We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.  If you would like additional information about this product, or would like to schedule a FREE demo, please contact us

Local: (678) 583-9700
Toll Free: (866) 530-1452


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