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NEW! Accept Credit Card Swipe Payments Inside Your Visual Court Management Software
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible software and payment services, we are proud to announce a great new feature of your Visual Court Management Software. 

We will soon be releasing a software upgrade that will allow you to accept credit card payments via swipe, directly inside the ticket payment screen in your court management software. This much anticipated enhancement will make it even easier for you to process face-to-face window payments for traffic fines.

This UPGRADE is FREE for Courtware customers, AND we provide the FREE credit card swipe devices.

We are not yet using the Courtware online payment service, how do we get the upgrade?

In order to take advantage of this great new feature, your agency must be using the Courtware online payment service with swipe payments.  The online payment module is available at no cost to your agency, and- we provide the free USB credit card swipe equipment.

If your agency is not yet accepting online payments, then you will need to contact us to get started. You can call us at 1-866-530-1452. 

We are already accepting online payments with Courtware, what is our next step to get the upgrade? 

If your agency is already accepting online payments with us but have NOT yet upgraded to  our new platform, then you will need to get upgraded to prepare for the Virtual Court Management credit card swipe feature.

If your agency is already using our new payment service, then there is no action you need to take at this time.  When the Visual Court (VCMS) upgrade is released, our team will help you activate the services.
Online Fine Payments with
We make it easy for you to accept major credit cards for online traffic citation and court fine payments through an online payment solution that is fully integrated with our Courtware Court Management SystemYour violators will be able to quickly and easily pay their traffic citations via a SECURE, PCI compliant, Courtware hosted web interface.

As an Online Payments client, you will receive slightly customized online payment interface through our online payment system.  Interface colors will be configured to match the color scheme of your city or police department website.

Online Payment Process Overview
To make a payment online, your customer starts by simply clicking a link on your city or police department's website or by visiting

Your customer then searches for his/her citations by entering a combination of last name and citation number or last name and driver's license number.

Once the customer's citations are located, your customer chooses which citations that they wish to pay and provides their payment information.

The entire transaction takes place via SSL encrypted web pages.  Transaction security is provided by PayPal's Payflow Payment Gateway.  All credit card information is collected and managed on PayPal's secure servers.

Your Court Clerk or other designated agent with a few simple clicks in the Courtware Court Management System, is able to retrieve online payment information and automatically post payments back to the violator's citation(s).

As with all of our software products and services... 
Technical support and upgrades for all of our products are FREE! 


Flat Rate Processing is our preferred merchant account service provider.
New! VirtualTerminal City-Wide and County-Wide Payment Solutions
In addition to court and traffic fine payments, we provide a virtual terminal and credit card scanner equipment that enables you to quickly and easily take window payments for any type of city or county payment.  Our competitive discount rates will save your agency money.

Contact us today to receive a FREE payments comparison & review at 1-866-530-1452. 

Payment Features & Benfits
  • PCI Compliant Service
  • Accept Face-to-Face Swipe Payments 
  • Accept Credit Cards Online
  • SSL Encrypted Interface
  • Merchant Services Available
  • Payflow Payment Gateway
  • Fully Integrated with Court System
  • Easy to Setup

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Request More Information
We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.  If you would like additional information about this product, or would like to schedule a FREE demo, please contact us

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Toll Free: (866) 530-1452


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